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The other North Grenville Premier

Most people living in North Grenville today have heard about the native son who grew up to become Ontario Premier. G. Howard Ferguson is...

Newspapers and Confederation

In the 1860's, there was no consistent reporting of the debates in the Legislatures of British North America, so, when Confederation was being debated...
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The Mysterious Mr. Henderson

Part 2: The coming storm The political turmoil that gripped Upper Canada in the 1830's grew out of genuine grievances on the part of residents....


It is probably fair to assume that most Canadians have heard of the Charlottetown Conference and its role in bringing about the Confederation of...

The settlement that passed us by: Part 4

As the War of 1812 was ending, steps were taken to bring in immigrants and disbanded soldiers to the Rideau area to form a...

Burritts Rapids and a problem in history

In order to write history, historians need reliable sources. Unless you have information, dependable and supported by documents, letters, diaries, maps or whatever, it...

A century of remembering

This is our annual Remembrance Day issue, and, after remembering each year of the First World War, we have finally come to that last...

Merrickville’s lost legacy

The Anglican Church in Canada has had many publications through which it communicated with members of the communion and the outside world. In the...
The NG Times Newspaper

Did Red Squirrels invent Sugaring?

by Dr. Fred Schueler - Fragile Inheritance Natural History In 1974, James Pendergast of Merrickville was upbraided by fellow archaeologists for suggesting that an ash-rich...
The NG Times Newspaper

Success or failure?

An era came to an end along with the last days of 1997. The South Gower Council met for the last time on December...
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