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Success or failure?

An era came to an end along with the last days of 1997. The South Gower Council met for the last time on December...
G. Howard Ferguson

G. Howard Ferguson: 2. The young politician

Once the 24 year-old, newly qualified lawyer moved back to Kemptville following the death of his last surviving brother in 1894, G. Howard Ferguson...
The NG Times Newspaper

The other North Grenville Premier

Most people living in North Grenville today have heard about the native son who grew up to become Ontario Premier. G. Howard Ferguson is...

Silas Huntington: Apostle of the North

North Grenville has never been short of colourful characters throughout its history, but Silas Huntington must rank as one of the most colourful of...


It is probably fair to assume that most Canadians have heard of the Charlottetown Conference and its role in bringing about the Confederation of...

Merrickville’s lost legacy

The Anglican Church in Canada has had many publications through which it communicated with members of the communion and the outside world. In the...

The last invasion

In the summer of 1866, as British America moved slowly towards Confederation, one threat which had been hanging over the provinces for years seemed...

Kingdom of Canada

Right up until the very last days before Confederation was enshrined in legislation in the British Parliament, there was still disagreement about what the...

“Discover the story behind every door”

North Grenville is blessed to have so much green space for residents and visitors to enjoy. Right in the centre of Kemptville lies the...

Merrickville’s lost legacy, part 2

Thomas Alexander Parnell was very much a churchman of his time. In the nineteenth century, the Anglican Church in Canada saw itself as the...
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