And so this is Christmas…

It’s getting close now, almost on top of us. Christmas, I mean, what else? There will only be one more issue of the Times...


There is a saying popular among planners, bureaucrats and politicians, one which you have heard many times: “Growth pays for Growth”. The idea is...

Which side are you on?

I suppose we have to accept the fact that we’re entering election season again (again!). After having three opportunities last year to express our...

Terry Butler

This community has lost a champion with the passing of Terry Butler. Someone who gave so much in time, energy and sheer hard work...
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An opinion on objectivity

As a general rule I value objectivity, especially in my work as a journalist. In journalism school I had my opinions beaten out of...
The NG Times Newspaper

Losing touch with reality

Something very strange happened at the Municipal Council meeting on November 27. The meeting opened with a statement, read by Mayor David Gordon, in...
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And so this is Christmas…

Everyone has a favourite Christmas carol or two. Some are older, religious ones, like “Away in a Manger”, or “Joy to the World”. Others...
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Hello Goodbye

Well, that must be a record. After campaigning all summer, getting elected in October, sworn in as a Councillor on December 2, attending just...
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Rights and privileges

There are certain rights and freedoms we value in Canada, perhaps especially in North Grenville. After all, we have had experience in the past...
North Grenville Missile Defense

North Grenville missile defense ready to go

North Grenville missile defense ready to go. Don’t Panic! Steps have been taken to protect us from unexpected missile attacks from either side. The photo here was taken...
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