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Changing of the guard

The impact of the recent North Grenville Rural Summit continues to be felt, and not only in the municipality. Elsewhere in this issue you...
The NG Times Newspaper

Who owns Heritage?

There’s been some hard thinking done recently on the subject of heritage. This week, we have learned about the draft agreement between Ontario and...
The NG Times Newspaper

Feelin’ groovy

Are we starting to feel a little vulnerable yet? It’s been quite a week, month, season... The Climate Change deniers are having to scramble...
The NG Times Newspaper

The Climes they are a-changin’

Not too long ago, people were arguing passionately about whether Global Warming was real or not. Now that we’ve switched to calling it Climate...

Our House

Much has been said about the imminent death of print media since the rise of social media as a source of information. Much of...

Sometimes we cry

There are two wonderful books parodying traditional history texts. One is “1066 and All That”, and the other is “The Comic History of Ireland”....

Hard habit to break

by Deron Johnston I’m never far away from my phone, it’s beside me 24 hours a day. I use it for work, pleasure and it...

Here comes the night

“Here comes that feeling that I'd forgotten. How strange these streets feel when you're alone on them. Each pair of eyes just filled with...
The NG Times Newspaper

Down the rabbit hole

This is a time that would get the most optimistic feeling a little paranoid. I write a couple of articles some months ago about...
The NG Times Newspaper

Lay your burden down

The municipal Council have had a lot to deal with recently. In the last Committee of the Whole meeting, issues discussed included a new...
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