There is a saying popular among planners, bureaucrats and politicians, one which you have heard many times: “Growth pays for Growth”. The idea is...

Our house

Be honest, now. Are you tired of reading and hearing about how wonderful a place to live in is North Grenville? Forget it! This...
The NG Times Newspaper

And so this is Christmas…

Everyone has a favourite Christmas carol or two. Some are older, religious ones, like “Away in a Manger”, or “Joy to the World”. Others...
The NG Times Newspaper

What Is and What Should Never Be

There’s a problem that has been facing municipal politicians and senior staff for a long time now, and it is something taxpayers know very...
The NG Times Newspaper

Taking care of business

Time never stands still. The only constant in life is change. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. So many ways of thinking about...

School’s out

It’s getting harder, these days, to think about writing anything strictly local. It seems that world events, or even just national, or provincial events,...
The NG Times Newspaper

I want to tell you

One of the more imaginative initiatives of the Municipality of North Grenville has recently come to an end. At the beginning of last year,...

Here comes the night

“Here comes that feeling that I'd forgotten. How strange these streets feel when you're alone on them. Each pair of eyes just filled with...
The NG Times Newspaper

Lay your burden down

The municipal Council have had a lot to deal with recently. In the last Committee of the Whole meeting, issues discussed included a new...

Which side are you on?

I suppose we have to accept the fact that we’re entering election season again (again!). After having three opportunities last year to express our...
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