Local family offers ethically-raised chickens

A Kemptville family is one of few in the area who are offering ethically-raised, genuinely free range chickens to the public. Bart and Maureen Millson...

Major organic foods initiative by local business

As reported in a previous issue, Beking’s Poultry Farm, a third-generation family run egg farm in Oxford Station, is opening a new organic barn...

Is social enterprise the key to the future of local food?

by Deron Johnston Recently, at the Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference in November, there was one breakout session that was of particular interest to this...
The NG Times Newspaper

The Future of Farming

by Deron Johnston There was a very interesting article published online recently by the Globe and Mail. It was titled, “The future of farming is...

Alternative Farming – Linking Agriculture, the Environment and Health

Abigail Conrad at the American University in Washington, DC states the following on her article published in The Guardian: “Small-scale farmers produce food for 70%...

Why A Rural Summit?

by Deron Johnston A lot of people have asked me why I’m so passionate about the Rural Summit (www.ruralsummit.ca). As Chair of the Organizing Committee...

Rural summit 2.0

by Deron Johnston Since the Rural Summit took place this past April 7, there have been many people asking when the next one will be....

Eco Farm Day 2017 on February 25-26

Know any non-organic farmers who might be interested in learning more about organics? This year's Eco Farm Day in Cornwall might be a good...

Alternative farming

by Deron Johnston When someone talks about farming, certain visuals usually come to mind. The first one might be of a herd of dairy cows...

Selling Food to Ontario workshop at Two Rivers

Farmers and small food processors are invited to the Two Rivers Food Hub on March 8 to learn how to access buyers for their...
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