In May, the Kemptville Lions Club will be introducing a new lottery to the North Grenville area.

“Catch the Ace” is a progressive lottery pilot project of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The ace in question is the ace of spades and, until it is revealed, the jackpot grows.

It all starts with a standard deck of playing cards. The cards are well shuffled and spread face down on a table. The cards are mixed some more and then each card is placed in its own small envelope. The envelopes are mixed and then randomly numbered from 1 to 52.

When you buy a ticket, you pick a card by writing one of the envelope numbers on your ticket. Draws are held weekly and a single ticket is selected. You don’t have to be in attendance to win. The holder of the selected ticket immediately wins a cash prize based on the number of tickets sold that week (20% of the value of the tickets sold) and the envelope indicated on their ticket is opened and their card is revealed.

If the card is NOT the ace of spades, money is added to the jackpot based on the number of tickets sold that week (30% of the value of the tickets sold) and another round of tickets sales starts immediately with a draw held the following week. The selected playing card is then destroyed.

If the ace of spades is revealed, the holder of the winning ticket will also win the jackpot and the series of draws is ended.

Whether the ace of spades is drawn or not, the community wins because half of the proceeds of the ticket sales go to the Lions Club and, through them, back into the community.

Tickets will be available soon and will cost $5.00 each. They will be valid only for the draw of the week in which they are purchased. The first draw will be held on Tuesday, May 2 at 7:30 pm at the Kemptville Legion Hall (100 Reuben Crescent, Kemptville).

Ticket vendors are now being lined up. Anyone interested in becoming a “Catch the Ace” ticket vendor should contact Alan Forbes at (613) 258-5614 or All vendors must be located within North Grenville.

For more information, announcements of vendors, draw videos, etc., keep an eye on the Kemptville Lions Club’s Facebook page at


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