Frank O'Rourke of the Kemptville Lions Club selects the winning ticket.

The Kemptville Lions Club held their first “Catch the Ace” draw on Tuesday, May 2, at the Kemptville Legion Hall.

“Catch the Ace” is a progressive lottery being piloted by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and it is based on similar lotteries popular in the Maritimes a few years ago.

Each card in a standard deck of playing cards is placed randomly into an envelope. The envelopes are then randomly numbered from 1 to 52. When a ticket is purchased, the buyer indicates the envelope that they think contains the ace of spades by writing the envelope number on their ticket. When a ticket is drawn, the ticket holder wins a weekly prize and their numbered envelope is opened. If the ace of spades is found in the envelope, the ticket holder also wins the jackpot. If any other card is revealed, the jackpot grows and a draw occurs the following week. The card revealed is destroyed.

The first draw was won by Ken Huels. Envelope 27 was indicated on his ticket. That envelope was found to contain the jack of clubs. The ace was not “caught”, so another draw will be held on May 9 at 7:30 at the Kemptville Legion Hall.

Tickets cost $5.00 each and can be purchased from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 212, Albert’s Meat Shop, B & H Foodliner, Kemptville Bowling, Moose Mart, Sherry’s Kitchen (Heckston) and from members of the Kemptville Lions Club. Tickets are only valid for the week of purchase. You must 18 years or older to play.

Envelope 27 is now out of the running but there are 51 cards left. The ace of spades is still out there.


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