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Most Outragious Decorating Winners

SECOND PLACE: Alison MacNaughtan
THIRD PLACE: Beverly McArthur

Most Creative Decorating Winners

FIRST PLACE: Maggie Boyer
SECOND PLACE: Doug and Fran Thompson
THIRD PLACE Ken & Monique Pritchard

Business Decorating Winners

THIRD PLACE: North Grenville Public Library

The Biggest Decorating Winners

FIRST PLACE: Kemptville Retirement Living Inc.
SECOND PLACE: Mary-Anne Begley Leang
THIRD PLACE: Claira Bastien

The Most Eco-Friendly Decorating Winners

FIRST PLACE: Isabelle Nadeau
SECOND PLACE: Patricia Habberjam
THIRD PLACE: Martha and Don Hekman

Canada Day Trivia and Historic Photos competition winners

The winners of the two history-themed competition run in the Times for Canada Day have been found. There were a good number of entries, and the most satisfying aspect of the event was the enjoyment people had looking for the answers, even when they didn’t always find them!

The Trivia Contest winners, as chosen by the Kemptville District Community Association, were:     1st. LeangGang; 2nd. Rubber Ducky; and 3rd. VultureZZZ.

The winner of the Historic Photos contest was Harold Tompkins.

North Grenville Trivia for Canada Day 2020

  1.  How many mayors has North Grenville had? Name them.
    There have been five. Don Cameron, Bruce Harrison, Bill Gooch, David Gordon, and
    Nancy Peckford.
  2. How many municipalities joined to make North Grenville?
    Oxford-on-Rideau Township; South Gower Township; and the Town of Kemptville.
  3. When did Kemptville celebrate its centenary?
  4. Which Kemptville native became Premier of Ontario?
    G. Howard Ferguson
  5. What year did the Bytown and Prescott Railway arrive in Kemptville?
  6. There were two railway stations serving Kemptville before 1970. Where were they?
    Bedell (Kempton) and Wellington Street
  7. What once stood on the green space at Clothier Street East and James Street?
    The original Methodist Church and cemetery.
  8. How many Concessions are there in North Grenville?
  9. What is the oldest church building in North Grenville, though perhaps no longer used as a church?
    The Baptist Church, now a private residence at 116 Clothier Street West.
  10. One family founded both Kemptville and Oxford s. Who were they?
    The Clothiers.
  11. Wilson’s Inn was an overnight stop for the stagecoach between Ottawa and Prescott. Where as it?
    It is now the store in Heckston.
  12. Where was the Oxford Snie and what happened to it? (Yes, Snie!)
    It was a dry creek – running parallel to the Rideau. It was enlarged to make the Canal which bypasses Burritt’s Rapids at Lock 167.
  13. When did the first newspaper open in what is now North Grenville and what was its name?
    1854. The Kemptville Progressionist.
  14. What was the original name of Beckett’s Landing and why?
    Beckett’s Bridge and Beckett’s Landing were both used. It was the location of the ferry across the Rideau. Later a swing bridge was built at the same spot, where the main highway between Bytown and Prescott crossed the River.

  1. G. Howard Ferguson House, Prescott St. at VanBuren.
  2. Cecil Hess Store, Heckston, now a private residence.
  3. 201 Clothier St. W. at Alfred St.
  4. The Bernard House, Oxford Mills
  5. Water St. Oxford Mills
  6. South Branch Bistro, Clothier St W.
  7. Waugh House, Bridge St. Oxford Mills. Once the Anglican Manse.
  8. Sherry’s Convenience Store, Heckston
  9. Lock 17, Burritt’s Rapids
  10. 9 Clothier St W
  11. Home Hardware Store, Prescott St. across from the old high school
  12. Dr. Ferguson House, Clothier St. W at Rideau St.
  13. Anderson’s Store, 146 Prescott St. Once the Red & White.

GooseChase Winners

The North Grenville Canada Day 2020 Goose Chase scavenger hunt had 90 teams that actively participated in the trivia, video, photo and GPS missions! It was fantastic to see so many people out and about in our community playing along while maintaining social distancing. The participants truly outdid themselves in creativity and imagination. Thank you all so much! Every team will receive a gift certificate but there were 3 grand prize winners.

For any teams that participated, if you haven’t sent me your team name with mailing address yet, please send it to

1st place goes to Team JSisters. Your team wins $250 in local business gift cards. Woohoo!!!
2nd place goes to Team WHOPS. Your team wins $200 in local business gift cards. Awesome spirit!
3rd place goes to Team VultureZZZ. Your team wins $150 in local
business gift cards. Great job!

Children’s Colouring Contest Winners

The entries for the Children’s Colouring Contest were so over-the-top exceptional that we simply couldn’t choose just one first, second or third place finisher, so we chose three of each!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

Winners should email their address to Gift cards will be emailed out to all winners

FIRST PLACE: Taliah Gallinger, Hazel Harrington and Karan from Edmonton!

SECOND PLACE: Jacob Davidson, Vladymir Kutoway and Olivia Snowden!

THIRD PLACE: Aubrey Kerr, Brody Snowden and Sara Garlough!

Adults’s Colouring Contest Winners

The Colouring contestants simply blew us away with your attention to detail, creativity and use of colour.

1st prize Lise Parent
2nd prize Alysha Livingston-McLean
3rd prize Cathy Seabourn
Honorable Mention Chelsea Hatchette