Can you name this sport?


by Carrie Smith, Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre

What sport requires you to bend over for hours at a time, to pull and push repeatedly, to lift and carry heavy loads over rough terrain, and to reach beyond your arm’s length while kneeling?

Why, it’s gardening of course! Now, add in no warm-up or cool-down, and do all of this in the blistering sun. That’s a typical workout for a gardener!

We see lots of gardening related injuries in the spring, when everyone is anxious to get their hands dirty and get the garden in shape. But, unfortunately for most people, their gardens are in better shape than they are!

There are lots of ways to help reduce gardening related aches and pains. Improved tools with better grips and handles, taking multiple breaks, keeping hydrated, and bending with your knees instead of your back, are just a few.

But have you ever thought about actually warming up before hitting the garden? Start thinking of gardening as a sport – hockey players don’t step on the ice and instantly start playing; runners do a dynamic warm up and get their muscles stretched before pounding the pavement; and soccer players are always kicking the ball around before the whistle blows.

Next time you head to the garden, do a 5-minute walk around your property, and actually admire your garden before you dive into it. Take a long-handled rake or hoe; use it as a support for balance and as a device to help stretch your shoulders. To see what we mean, check out our gardening warm-up for the Kemptville Horticultural Society.

Enjoy the warm-up and we hope to NOT see you in the clinic for any gardening injuries!
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