by Nancy Dulmage

The owner of this picture is Kelley Wilson, of Cobourg, great granddaughter of Robert and Addie Colborne Whitney, who lived in Kemptville. But there is nothing to indicate when or where the photograph was taken.

One person in this photo has been identified: Mrs. Robert Whitney, nee Addie Colborne, is seated second from right in the second row. As she attended the Methodist (later United) Church in Kemptville, one person’s thought was that this may be a Methodist Ladies Group, Women’s Temperance Union, or possibly Women’s Institute. The photo would appear to have been taken in the 1900-1910 period, approximately.

I was wondering if it would be possible to see if anyone could identify any of these women? If you have any information that would put names to faces, or even identify the group or event, please contact Dr. David Shanahan at


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