Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall


– Party Like It’s 2019 (some restrictions apply*)

We know you are really looking forward to spending some valuable physical as opposed to virtual face time with friends, family and coworkers. When permissible, any excuse will do to have a party:

Take or renew your vows – if your partnership can survive Covid-19, it will endure anything!

Celebrations of a life well lived; Grandma’s 81st birthday, an 18th wedding anniversary, a 2nd birthday party, or a party remembering someone who left a space behind when they passed.

A chance to have a staff meeting where no-one has to be reminded to un-mute themselves before speaking.

Whatever your excuse, we invite you to host it in the nicest hall around, the Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall, nestled in a beautiful hamlet worthy of the Bard himself. Ours is an historic Hall, well equipped for all sorts of celebrations, and we offer very competitive rates.

The Hall was recently refurbished and is surrounded by open green space – perfect for summer events. The gardens at the Hall and surrounding parkettes, including a butterfly way-station, are lovingly tended by committed community volunteers and are simply spectacular. A short stroll brings you the UNESCO recognized world heritage site: the Rideau Canal, complete with a swing bridge built in the days of Colonel John By.

*The Fine Print (we said there would be restrictions)

    • When permitted to open, the Hall will operate based on Provincial Health unit guidelines
    • Capacity will be limited to you and a few of your closest friends
    • Masks are mandatory in the hall, party masks are preferred
    • Food and beverages must be served in single portions (no buffets); boxed lunch and canned wine never tasted so good!
    • The paperwork is intense (cleaning and screening logs and indemnity agreements, Oh my!) but well worth it if it means seeing people up close.
    • Cancellations for any reason will be cheerfully 100% refunded; no proof or detailed explanation required, no note from Mother, etc.
    • Check out our website at http://burrittsrapids.com/ for rates and conditions.


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