Bulk items collection dates rescheduled


The Municipality’s new waste and organics collection system, which came into effect in February, also included a schedule for the collection of bulky items, which would have their own tag or tags, depending on content. At the time it was launched, residents were provided with an informational booklet that detailed the waste program, including the seasonal collection of bulky items and leaf and yard waste. The Spring bulky item collection was scheduled for May 17 through the 29 with the leaf and yard waste being collected May 31 through June 11.

However, the Spring collection needed to be rescheduled due to the Provincial COVID 19 stay-at-home order. The new dates for the collection will be June 14 through June 18, and June 21 through June 25.

A list of materials that will require one bulky item tag and others that will require two bulky item tags was developed. Because of the stay-at-home order, the Municipal offices were closed, and the tags required for the Spring collection were only available for online purchase, which was not an option for everyone. To ensure that tags would be available at the Municipal office, the Municipality worked with the contractor to reschedule the event.

The new scheduled dates for bulky item collection are June 14 through the 25. There is no change to the leaf and yard waste collection schedule, which remains May 31 through June 11.

Information will be released that details the proper curbside placement of bulky items and leaf and yard waste.

Accepted leaf and yard waste items include twigs, fallen fruit, pinecones, lawn and garden trimmings, leaves, plants and weeds, branches no longer than 1.25m and 5cm in diameter. Any items that are not included in the accepted list are considered not acceptable. Leaf and yard waste may be placed at the curb in paper bags and bound bundles with the appropriate tag attached and visible. Reusable containers or bins may also be used if they have a lid to prevent wind dispersion. Bins must be labeled to identify that they contain leaf and yard waste, and the tag should be placed on top of the material so that it is clearly visible when the lid is removed.

Details about the bulky item collection are that small items will require one tag and large items require two tags. Large items are over eighty (80) pounds. Small items are the remaining items in the acceptable list and may be bulked together to a maximum of eighty (80) pounds. All items shall be placed in a manageable way that allows for safe and efficient collection. Smaller items shall be grouped and bagged or contained for efficient and safe collection.

Bulky items and leaf and yard waste items should be placed at the curb on the same day no later than 7 am with the other materials that are scheduled for collection that week.

The benefit to rescheduling the bulky item collection is that it will allow residents time to purchase the required tag at the Municipal office if they are unable to purchase them online. A list of the items which can be collected under this category was included in the brochure issued last February. The list can also be found on the municipal website under Municipal Services.


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