The Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Thousand Islands needs you!


We currently have three volunteer positions open on our board, and if you feel as passionate about Habitat as we do, we would love you to join us. It only requires a few hours a week of commitment.

Director of Fundraising- responsible for creating and overseeing fundraising events in the community.

Director of Public Relations- responsible for media contact in reference to the activities of HFHTI, including press releases and advertising for the affiliate. The PR chair is the official voice of HFHTI to the community.

Director of Community Outreach/Relations- responsible for creating and maintaining contact with community organizations such as church groups, other charities, service clubs to support and promote the mission of HFHTI.

If you’re interested, please email Dawn at .

Help Habitat for Humanity Thousand Islands grow, volunteer today!


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