by John Baldwin

My breakfast preparations were interrupted this morning by a glimpse of blue on one of my nesting boxes! Could it be!? Yes it was! A Bluebird and not  a Blue-jay, as first suspected! My zoom lens confirmed the sighting, along with my excitement at seeing it. Quite the early Spring treat! On scanning the grass in exposed areas of the still snow covered sections of the back garden (yard), I was able to see a couple of Robins optimistically checking the ground for worm-like food, and a Blue-jay flitting about in the trees, and another bird checking out my multi-nest condominium.

This happened to be a Starling, who was up to its shoulders in one of the nesting section entrance holes, having a good look inside and, at times, pulling something out. Whether this was old nesting material, or a bug or two, I am not quite sure. Anyway, the bird itself looked too big to get into the box, but it might prove me wrong if it has the tenacity to keep on trying. I am obviously going to have to drag my steps out into the snow and get up to clean out all my nesting boxes before they get occupied, or, conversely, they put-off any potential nesting dwellers!

The geese are now flying over in quite large numbers in their characteristic “V” formation skeins, honking as they pass overhead. A friend of mine and his father have spotted a Golden Eagle in a field near one of Kemptville’s eastern area churches, and I have spotted what I think was a Turkey Vulture, whilst driving along one of our highways, so the birds are very definitely returning for the summer.

Keep your eyes peeled and you may see some of the more familiar ones, but also may see the less familiar ones, as they either move back in, or just pass us by on their migration flights. Whichever they happen to be, enjoy them all, but stay safe and well.


John Baldwin


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