Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute report


by Jeanne Lambert

Bishop’s Mills Day will once again be upon us. The Women’s Institute are making plans for the community bake sale on Saturday, May 18, in collaboration with the Community Association. There will be Historical information on display and yard sales around the village. If you are able to provide some baking or preserves for the sale, please contact us. The bake sale is a major source of funds for the upkeep of our Community Hall.

The March meeting of the Bishop’s Mills WI was held on Thursday, March 14, and included a very interesting and dynamic presentation from Dr. David Shanahan from the North Grenville Historical Society. Dr. Shanahan shared information and insight into the past and present Indigenous peoples in this region. Susan Jenkins and Jillian Wainwright, Tweedsmuir Curators, hosted the meeting. There were eight members present.

In April, WI members held their Annual General Meeting, reviewing the activities of the last year and renewing their membership in the FWIO. The total of donations raised by members for the past year was nearly $2,000, and the volunteer hours totalled 775 for the year. Twenty-five cards were sent out through the year. Members agreed on the positions for the Executive.

Plans for the District AGM were discussed. Bake sale pricing was determined in preparation for the community bake sale on May 18. The next meeting will be on May 9, in the Community Hall at 7:15.

The Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute has been involved in the community since 1985, including documenting the history of the village and encouraging positive change. The Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute holds monthly meetings and welcomes new members interested in meeting their neighbours and getting involved in their community.

For information about attending local meetings, please contact President Linda Desroches 258- 2115, or Jeanne Lambert at [email protected], and you can find us on Facebook, too. If you are interested in finding out more about WI, see the Provincial organization’s website:


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