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submitted by Jeanne Lambert

The annual Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute Fundraising Christmas Auction took place in December, and the money that was raised was donated to these two worthy North Grenville organizations: Salvation Army and Beth Donovan Hospice. This long-running event is always great fun for those in attendance and, again this year, raised over $800, all from donated goods. WI members would like to thank our wonderful auctioneers, Jane and Vicki Graham, for ‘raising the roof’ with their hilarious antics and the ensuing laughter, all while raising funds for our community. There were 41 women present – WI members from other branches in the District, and many guests from the local community.

The January meeting of the Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute was held at the home of member Sheryl McKim, and included a focus on memories of favourite games that members have played with their families at Christmas time, such as dominoes, board games and card games. The ten members present also discussed memories of Christmas and traditions within their homes. It was insightful to hear how different members celebrate special times with their families.

In February, members met in Tricia Habberjam’s home on Valentine’s Day. Tricia prepared games with Valentine themes for members to play, including a Valentine trivia quiz and ‘find the cupids’. Several members shared stories of favourite Valentine’s Day events. Nine members were present to discuss the District Annual Meeting and the upcoming BMCA Music night.

The March meeting will be held on Thursday, March 14, and will focus on history. David Shanahan will be our guest speaker, and he will speak about Indigenous peoples in the area. Susan Jenkins and Jillian Wainwright, Tweedsmuir Curators, will be our hosts.
The Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute has been involved in the community since 1985, including documenting the history of the village and encouraging positive change. The Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute holds monthly meetings and welcomes new members interested in meeting their neighbours and getting involved in their community.

For information about attending local meetings, please contact President Linda Desroches 258- 2115, or Jeanne Lambert at [email protected], and you can find us on Facebook, too.

If you are interested in finding out more about WI, see the Provincial organization’s website:


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