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The Friends of the Ferguson Forest Centre held their second Free-Flying Birds of Prey show last weekend, and attracted the enormous crowd of around 763 people to the three shows. The show is presented by the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, and they brought along five birds, representing each of the main species of raptor, and they really made an impact on the crowds.

The Canadian Raptor Conservancy was founded in 1997, and has a mandate to promote education and conservation, as they bring raptors to public shows. As they say: “ We protect what we know!!”

The Friends of the FFC have worked hard, once again, to make the event a success, and were quite delighted with the turn-out. As always, parking was an issue, but with six volunteers directing traffic, everything went smoothly on the day. Clearly, the people attending the three shows were impressed: nineteen new members of the Friends were signed up, some of them were family members, so the voluntary group is growing.
Now that the Birds of Prey show is behind them, they’re gearing up for their Family Fun Fest coming up on July 15.


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