Another change in the weather has brought us some surprise birds this morning, in the form of Redwing Blackbirds. A small flock of them appeared just as we were about to sit down for breakfast, and they were trying to get some food too, although having to clean away a bit of last night’s snow to do so. Their red epaulettes were only slightly visible, so we didn’t see anything really spectacular, although just seeing them at this time of year is still an enjoyable treat. They always seem to keep on the move, so no good pictures were really taken of them this time. However, some of our other birds gave us a great unimpeded view of themselves.

I recently obtained some new type of feeders from a fairly local, Iroquois, Ontario manufacturer and supplier, who is also an avid bird enthusiast. As you can see from the picture, the birds are getting to like them too. As you may be able to observe, the birds are able to perch on what they are actually eating, so there is nothing obstructing this particular photographer’s view of them. The birds also like it too as they can see all around them as they feed, ready to spot any danger. To date, all our suspended feeder bird users have tried the new feeders and seem to like them, and they are certainly providing us with a different view of themselves, as they openly feed in front of our living room window. My camera is never out of reach on the occasions that I sit down by the living-room window in front of the “Telly”, and very often get diverted from the plot of a program on it to watch the birds. Thank goodness for the “Playback” button, which gets quite a bit of use since my wife also gets diverted towards watching the birds in the same way as I do. I bet you do the same if you are lucky enough to see the birds from your front window, but maybe you only get to see them when you go outside. However you get to see them, make sure that you stay safe and well. Enjoy!


John Baldwin



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