Big Sky Ranch welcomes Jacomo


by Pam Owen

Summer is indeed here, and Big Sky Ranch is welcoming many returning visitors and a whole new batch of friends. For most, only one visit is never enough. Some visitors become volunteers and are then frequent visitors. They get to know the animals they look after and will often ask to work with their favourite ones. Guests and volunteers are not the only ones arriving through the inviting gates of the Sanctuary.

A most recent addition to Big Sky’s animal population is Jacomo. The bio sent to me by Pauline was so good, and I enjoyed it so much, that I wanted to put it in as it was. (Pauline may often be the first contact folks have when visiting Big Sky. She is in the office, answering questions and phones. She is also the talented individual who sends me animal bios so that I can write the stories so many of you enjoy).

“If you’ve never been smooched by an enormous Holstein bullock that stands over six feet tall at the shoulder, then you are missing something special! Holsteins are the white and black cows that are the most common in Canada for dairy production. They can be seen on hillsides and in pastures all over Ontario. The backbone of Canada’s dairy industry.

Jacomo is a real lover who, until recently, had never met another cow. He was rescued by a kind woman when he was a very young calf, and his friends were the barn cats who adored him because of his calm character. When she was no longer able to care for him, he needed a safe place to come; and one beautiful warm June afternoon, Jacomo arrived from Sherbrooke, Quebec!

The herd was astonished when they saw how big he was, but the younger bullocks (Sparky and Maximus) immediately wanted to play, and they chased each other back and forth until the oldest cow, named Helen, came over to investigate. She accepted him right away (he is clearly a big goofball, who towers over most) and, for the first time in his life, Jacomo had friends of his own kind.

Jacomo is very innocent, and trusting of people. He likes everyone and often comes to the gate to see if there are any snuggles to be had. (Must be the barn cat influence showing). He might also be the first bilingual bovine we have met, because he knows the words “I love you” and “Je t’aime” too! If you are lucky, he will give you a big kiss”

So, if you are looking for a nice visit, please drop in and visit the Sanctuary and all the animals. Please check the website for hours of operation, how to volunteer, and how to help the animals. Hope to see you there! [email protected].


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