by Pam Owen

“Oh baby its cold outside!” Anyone living in North Grenville and area will let you know that this Winter, so far, has been brutally cold. Charities that support vulnerable people dealing with the cold are frequently inviting assistance to help with the expenses. But, what about the animals? Big Sky Ranch is a no-kill facility, and it is here, right in our own backyards! It is at this time of year that they struggle the most in trying to keep the animals warm, fed and cared for.

Currently, most of the donations come from caring individuals dropping in to visit and leaving something to help support the sanctuary. Needless to say, when the thermometer drops to -20 and the windchill makes it feel even colder….well, let’s just say the visitors are infrequent.

Big Sky Ranch has moved most of the animals inside to the barns to keep them warm, even as the hydro, propane, food and veterinary costs continue to rise. It becomes quite expensive, especially when the temperatures drop.

The Sanctuary has an active Board of Directors that has been trying to keep funding for this much-needed charity balanced annually. They are planning to initiate a fund raising program based on corporate sponsorship. Hopefully, a strong community response will set Big Sky Ranch on secure footing all year round. Having strong corporate support will allow private donations and continuing fundraising efforts to help the Sanctuary maintain its growing reputation.

The motto at the Sanctuary is “help us help them”, and now they are reaching out for that help. The abused, neglected and surrendered animals will continue to be housed, fed and cared for by the many volunteers committed to their well-being by providing the hands-on care, secure in the knowledge that the funding is secure. If you own a business, have an idea for a fundraiser, or are just a caring individual willing to step up, please contact Big Sky Ranch. “Help us help them” is asking our caring community to answer the call. Andy Parent, head gatekeeper at the sanctuary, advises that they are not going to close down! The need is too strong; but they could use financial assistance. Please contact Big Sky Ranch! They would love to count on your support.


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