by Pam Owen

Goat Yoga has indeed made its debut in North Grenville! Big Sky Ranch is hosting Yoga enthusiasts and its own goat population during the month of June. Sundays have two classes (12:30 & 1:30) where folks do yoga and the goats wander around helping with various poses. From what I have seen in the first class, the goats are also quite helpful in picking up bags and purses in the hope they may taste good. One goat even tried to make off with someone’s mat!

The classes were so popular that they have quickly sold out already! It is a great way to promote the Animal Sanctuary and raise much needed funds, all while having fun. Fund raising is a constant and ongoing concern, while folks are working with higher costs of everything and so many new charities are vying for funds. Big Sky Ranch remains committed and dedicated to the animals, but can’t do it all alone.

The inaugural yoga class had close to 40 active yoga participants, and the goats numbered in the teens. (I have to admit, it is VERY hard to count goats while they are mingling around). I could hear the folks giggling and laughing, and saw many photo ops being taken advantage of. The instructor started out well, was joined by a goat or two, and then she had to multitask as she continued to teach while trying to rescue her purse, gym bag, and mat all at the same time! It would be my humble assumption that there will be many goat stories told around the dinner tables about yoga with the goats for weeks to come.

As a registered charity, Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary is competing with many other worthy charities in our area for dwindling donations. Many factors can contribute to fewer donations coming in – yet, it is innovative ideas such as Goat Yoga that can bring in much needed funding. Volunteers at the Sanctuary are volunteers, they do not get paid.

Donations go to the feeding, housing, and vet bills for the animals. The motto is ‘Help us help them’, and it is evident from the care and love offered to the animals.

When people come to visit, walk around, have a picnic or….do Goat Yoga on a Sunday, they are welcomed warmly and invited to walk around the Sanctuary. Questions will be answered always and donations gratefully accepted. For more information, please go to


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