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This is not your average grocery store.

In fact, B&H Your Community Grocer is very much above and beyond and unforgettable in so many ways. Let’s start with the made-from-scratch meat pies. They make more than 600 in the store each week with people travelling from miles around to get these mini masterpieces.

Leslie Smith makes pie pastry from scratch each day.
There are 15 diff erent meat pies.

“We dare to be different,” says Jim Beveridge, owner along with his wife Judy. They pride themselves on making sure their store serves, supports and reflects their greater community North Grenville and beyond. They do that, in part, by showcasing regional and local produce, dairy and meats, including grass-fed beef, along with their famous made-in-store specialties and bakery items.

“We started going in this direction after 2007,” says Jim, noting they became an independent store and adjusted their business plan. They built on years of experience to become a destination in an unusual place -the community’s downtown area. And it’s working!

Come through the doors and see a bountiful display of local produce, flowers, honey and sauces. Walk a little further to smell and take in the array of bakery products from baked instore breads to cream pies and cinnamon buns. Look around to see fresh salads and quiche.

“We’re continuing to expand our offerings of local products,” says Jim, noting they’re looking forward to celebrating the store’s 60th anniversary next year.

“We keep it exciting. We have people who come from southern Ontario and other parts of the province as we’re becoming well known in a broadening circle for what we’re doing,” says Jim.

Their community support record over the years is nothing short of outstanding. Community is key, along with a great staff of 47 people. “Behind every successful business is a strong and vibrant community,” says Judy.

The store’s history dates back decades to when Jim’s father and his partner (B&H Beveridge and Haggett) started the business in 1963. Jim recalls “growing up” in the second location store in Osgoode the partners purchased in 1968. Much later, Jim and Judy would take the reins of B&H.

Judy and Jim Beveridge in their B&H store in downtown Kemptville.

“We’re extremely proud of how we’ve been able to make this our store,” says Judy. The couple say it is a reflection of the core values they’ve learned from family and by working together since the 1980s after meeting at Algonquin College.

Learn more about B&H Your Community Grocer by visiting their website and Facebook page, sending them an email or by calling 613-258-3014. The store is located at 301 Rideau Street in Old Town Kemptville. The Farmer’s Market is held in the store parking lot each Sunday. Check out a Success Stories video by the Grenville Community Futures Development Corporation on B&H.


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