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B&H Grocer in Kemptville presented Ovarian Cancer Canada with a $972 donation on Friday, after collecting donations from customers throughout the month of September. B&H has been participating in the month-long fundraiser for the past four years, in recognition of ovarian cancer month in September, raising a total of $5,349 for Ovarian Cancer Canada. “We believe it is a worthwhile cause and we want to support the women who have gone through it, or will go through it,” says Judy Beveridge, of B&H. “There is an ongoing hope that the next dollar will be the cure,” adds Jim Beveridge.

Community Engagement Associate, Ashley Law, from the Ovarian Cancer Canada head office in Toronto, was on hand to receive the donation. She said that the charity relies on fundraisers run by places like B&H to fund their work, because they don’t receive any money from the government, and are not related to the Canadian Cancer Society. “It means everything,” she says. “[The donation] contributes to women leading fuller, better and longer lives.”

According to Ovarian Cancer Canada, there are thousands of women living with ovarian cancer in Canada. It is estimated that 2,800 women will be newly-diagnosed with the disease this year. Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common form of cancer for women, and is the most serious form of cancer affecting women.

Ovarian Cancer Canada is the only registered Canadian charity solely dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer. They provide leadership by supporting women with the disease, and their families, raising awareness among the general public and healthcare professionals, and funding research to develop early detection techniques, improved treatment and, ultimately, a cure.


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