Bekings Farm expanding their cage-free operation


One of the most successful and environmentally friendly businesses in North Grenville is expanding their operations with the building of a new barn that will house hens that will be free range, raised on pasture and will produce eggs that are certified organic. This popular brand has been at the forefront of natural, local foods for many years. The new barn, the result of three years of planning and research, is just the latest move in Bekings’ Poultry Farm a model for other poultry operations, and a credit to North Grenville and the importance placed by residents on good, sustainably-produced local foods.

The Beking family are now in their third generation of poultry farming on the property on Smith Road. In 2005, they converted the entire farm into what is called “lose housing”, which means that there are no cages on the farm. All the birds have free access to nests, perches, scratch areas to dust bathe, water and feed.

As they say: “We feed our hens a healthy, all-natural vegetable and grain feed without any added antibiotics, steroids or animal by-products. With a well-balanced natural diet our birds are very healthy and that translates to your eggs being the most delicious and nutritious product on the shelf.”

The farm is local, which means that less time and energy is spent on transporting their eggs to local stores, and so have less of an impact on the environment. The egg grading station on the farm is certified with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Bekings Poultry Farm is a member of the Start Clean Stay Clean program that promotes the highest standards of farming in the industry.

It is a wonderful thing for the municipality and surrounding communities that we have such an impressive farming operation in our locality. It fits so well with the efforts being made by local store owners to provide locally-sourced meats and dairy products, food which we can rely on to be safe, and of a very high quality. When we support Shop Locally campaigns, families like the Bekings make it not only possible to do so, but a genuine pleasure too.


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