Baxter Conservation Area has some mixed news


Baxter Conservation Area launched its new Forest School on September 14, and already the program has filled up fast! The forest school caters to kindergarten (ages 3 to 5) and school-age kids (ages 4 to 10) following strict COVID-19 protocols. The forest school is an alternative education program where kids spend most of their time outside learning through hands-on activities that promote curiosity in an active, authentic learning environment. It is a superb option for those who benefit from being outside in an inquiry based-education setting. Keep your eye out for Baxter’s winter and spring sessions, dates still to be determined. Contact ANDREA at 613-489-3592 or [email protected] for more information or visit

Baxter Vandalized

On the weekend of September 12–13, Baxter Conservation Area was senselessly vandalized. The river cabin, storage building, and group campsite suffered broken windows, smashed canoes, torn off siding, snapped paddles, wrecked picnic tables, and a damaged woodstove. It’s unfortunate because not only does this hurt Baxter, but it hurts school groups, day camps, and community groups that use this area. The silver lining has been the amazing community response. It’s been wonderful to see the support Baxter has received and just how much Baxter means to the community — for that, we thank you. If you’d like to help, the Baxter River Cabin Improvement Fund has been set up through at For more information on Baxter, contact ANDREA at [email protected].

Nature For All Project

The boardwalk at Baxter Conservation Area is being re-imagined. Plans are to substantially upgrade Baxter’s boardwalk system to make it more accessible to everyone. Making the viewing platforms and boardwalk accessible to adults, kids, wheelchairs, walkers, strollers is the goal for the new boardwalk. A fundraising campaign will be launched to help with project costs. Keep your eye out for updates on this exciting project or learn more about the Nature for All Project at Contact DAN for more information, [email protected].


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