Hilda Siegel is organizing Kemptville’s first sanctioned bench press competition.

Canada’s most active community will have yet another opportunity to demonstrate its power during the September 4 Downtown Promenade. Barbell Legends Bench Fest will take place at Riverside Park. It is a sanctioned WPC (World Powerlifting Congress) bench press only powerlifting event: participants can aim to set official bench press records, or simply aim to officially set their personal records.

Hilda Siegel, powerlifting record holder and trainer at Anytime Fitness Kemptville, and Curd Hos of Iron Hos Gear are organizing the event. Hilda will also be acting as judge and so will not be competing in the event herself. “Powerlifting is a sport that celebrates men and women building mental and physical strength through lifting”, said the duo.

When Hilda made her start in powerlifting, she was one of the very few female lifters: not even just locally, but in the sport. Now, she says, “the sport has grown so much, there are just as many women as men, if not more women, at events. It’s nice to see.” Being involved in powerlifting has physical and mental health benefits for men and women alike. For women, especially, Hilda said “powerlifting is so powerful. For a small girl to be able to lift tons, t’s empowering.”

If Barbell Legends Bench Fest is a success, Hilda hopes it will become an annual event. As a sanctioned event, Barbell Legends Bench Fest will draw traffic to Kemptville as well as build camaraderie within the community. What more could you expect from Canada’s most active community? Hilda says that “the fitness community here is so good. Yes, we’re competing against each other. But everyone is very supportive and inclusive. Especially now with COVID, the fitness industry has taken a hit over the last two years. So, supporting each other is so important.”

Hilda is encouraging the community to sign up to participate. The first 15 lifters who do so will receive $25 off their entry fee. You can sign up at www.barbelllegends.com.

There are also a number of sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorships not only make the event possible, but can “help inspire and motivate men and women to take great care of their own health and wellness in a super positive and caring community.” More information about sponsorship is available at www.ironsponsorship.com.


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