A Flurry of Colourful Wings

Good Morning to all NGT Readers,

On yet another beautiful sunny morning, with a slight threat of afternoon rain, our garden birds are not so plentiful, but are still with us. The House Wrens are still trying to decide if they want to use one of my nesting boxes, whilst the Bluebirds still continue to use them as hunting perches. Funnily enough they never seem to come into conflict with each other despite the difference in their sizes. The Wrens never stop singing either, or at least the male doesn’t, as he tries to woo his female partner. You’ve got to admire his persistence on that score! The Bluebirds, on the other hand, are never very vocal but obviously communicate with each other very efficiently whenever they make movements from where they are. They still puzzle me by the fact that “out of the blue” one of them will suddenly take a direct flight straight into the nesting box nearest to our house, where earlier this year they had raised their family. The male seems to be the one who does it mostly, but the female does it too, now and again. Nothing seems to be confirmed in what they are doing and they soon go back to their watching and waiting perches, to survey below them for bugs and insects in the grass and shrubs.

Last evening, on my regular Wednesday road trip along the road running adjacent to the river, I had a Blue Heron fly overhead, which was a nice surprise. What graceful birds they are in flight, with their neck curved back and their long legs trailing behind them as their huge wings drive them forward effortlessly. Super! I also got to catch brief glimpses of the now maturing Ospreys which still return to their nesting platforms along the same road.

Some of the sudden recent thunderstorms have been a bit disconcerting for the birds, especially the gusts of wind, as they try to find a foothold on either a branch or a feeder. My picture this week is of a couple of Goldfinches trying to do just that! Luckily they succeeded in their quest and I hope that you do to as you watch and enjoy what the birds have to offer. But remember, as ever, please stay safe and well.


John Baldwin


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