I hope all is going well for all and everyone is staying fit and well. This lovely sunny -10C afternoon, I fed the birds and stood outside with my camera for a while, getting frozen hands and some shots of them. At the moment, we get mainly a huge flock of Red Polls, who, although very skittish, are using the hanging Niger seed feeders, my other mixed seed feeders, and are also ground feeding. It is lovely to see and watch them and try, I say try, to get pictures of them in flight. I have succeeded only a few times, but fast moving wings become just a blur, if you happen to get them in the lens, that is, and can press the button fast enough! In this shot, I even managed to get two in flight!

In the mornings, daily, our resident flock of pigeons descend to feed. About 20 of them sit on the hydro wires along the roadside, awaiting their chance, sometimes having to share with the squirrels!

Stay safe and well,
John Baldwin.


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