by John Baldwin

The summer continues to pass and amaze us at the volatility it can produce when least expected, especially when it comes to brief, but very violent, storms. We have been very lucky here in our small town, for which we should be very grateful. I’m sure our feathered friends appreciate it, as they have to face these acts of nature full on, whenever they occur. But life must go on, and so they do in their own ways. The darkening skies of early evening, and the humidity, tend to drive the flying bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects lower to the ground, although still at tree top height, and the other evening I was able to watch some birds in a neighbor’s tall but sparsely leafed tree having the time of their lives.

There was, or so it seemed, a family of four or five Kingbirds taking advantage of the fact that their favourite food was down at a catchable level, and they continually launched themselves into the air and did all sorts of aerobatics as they caught their prey and brought it back to the tree branch perches to consume, before repeating the exercise.

Also taking advantage of this glut of insects was one of our still nesting Bluebirds, who used our internet antenna as a perching and launching place to do the same thing, time and time again! What a feast they all seemed to be having, but these chances probably do not occur as often as they would like, especially when they have their young ones to support, so they have to make the most of it! I was able to enjoy their displays of flying agility as they did, and I hope that you too have also seen them and got to enjoy their performances. If you have that’s just great, but if you didn’t, don’t give up just keep looking, but remember to always stay safe and well.



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