by John Baldwin

The very changeable weather makes me wonder whether or not I should be sunny and bright, or just my usual self!? Just joking, but it’s funny how the elements affect our mood and disposition. This morning’s sunny skies, and the skeins of geese flying by, have changed this afternoon to being a bit cloudy, with a sprinkling of snow showers. I got to thinking that I should brighten up your day with a little levity and a slight change from my “norm”. My wife used my camera to get a picture of one of our red squirrels, which I thought deserved some sort of poetic justice and effort on my part! It detracts a little bit from the garden birds, but is definitely related to their well being, as many of you can assess when finding your feeders emptying fairly speedily soon after you have just replenished them! Ah well – live and let live! Despite their intrusion, we get to enjoy them and I hope you feel the same way.

Stay safe and well,
John Baldwin


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