Dear Readers,

Forget all about your Swan Lake Ballets! My latest addition to that form of culture is shown in my picture, “Mourning Doves On Ice!” Yes, there they were on a cold crisp morning standing on the ice, as though in a dance. At one stage there were four of them all perched on the rim of the frozen bath. What a delightful sight!

Other garden birds gathered that day; together were a small group of Robins, sitting in one of our tallest trees, along with a Starling and a Junco. 

Today started out being sunny and bright and we were treated, out in our back garden, to a variety of birds demonstrating “Spring Fever”, as they flitted back and forth after each other in their respective families. Pairs of Juncos chased each other and the Bluejays and Robins did the same in the sparkling sunshine, making a lovely start to our day. Later, my wife spotted and got pictures of a brilliantly red headed House Finch as it took time to feed on the seed in one of our feeders. Not to be outdone, a small Red Squirrel stayed on the ground at the foot of a sunlit tree trunk and tried its luck at sampling the delights of one of the very big fir cones laying there. Oh what joy! How I wish it would stay this way for the next few months, but then the few golden leaves left on the trees tell us a much different story, so I’ll just have to grin and bear it! For those of you who think otherwise, enjoy and stay safe and well.


John Baldwin


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