by John Baldwin

I am trusting that everyone is feeling a lot better about the present situation, COVID-wise, having taken all the necessary precautions to protect themselves and everyone else they have to come in contact with. We are far from being out of the woods yet, but things are looking better, seemingly, which is a good thing.

Talking of woods, what beautiful scenes greet us every day, as the trees perform their autumnal transformation into their brilliant colours. I enjoyed them the other day as I ventured out from my usual garden scenario and sought to find some different birds to take pictures of so that I could do my weekly article for you to enjoy. Well, having not taken my camera with me the day before, and missing the chance of pictures of a flock of about twenty Turkey Vultures riding the thermals skywards along the road I was on, I returned home very disappointed.

But hope was not lost and, it being such a sunny warm day, I opted to go and sit on one of my benches near our waterfall feature to try my luck there and was not disappointed. Our Japanese Willow tree attracted the attention of a Goldfinch, and I was able to enjoy watching it for a few minutes as it swayed there gently on the breeze before it flew away. Of course, it was not the only bird in the garden, but this was the back garden and not the front where my feeders are located, so the birds are not so noticeable, being able to conceal themselves in the colourful leaves. I hope you get to spot some of the birds too and get to enjoy the majestic fall colours before the leaves end up being blown by a wind, or just gently swirling down to form a lovely carpet on the ground.

Stay safe and well,

John Baldwin


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