September draws to a close in a quiet mood, bird-wise, as the weather turns to give us a slightly colder bite, just to remind us that Fall isn’t too far away. Flocks of Canada Geese honk their way across the sky in search of water, or a corn stubbled field in which to spend a few resting hours, before the next leg of their southward journey to warmer climes.

Meanwhile, our remaining garden birds are still busy around the feeders to keep up our interest in them. The Blue jays, Mourning Doves, and the Rock Pigeons are the ones that attract most attention, being bigger than most of the resident garden birds. The Pigeons still have their lovely colouring, with the more amorous ones displaying it proudly, as they still seek to impress the ladies, even though the nesting season is finished for this year. Maybe it gives them pecking order when the flock lands on the hydro wires at our roadside front every day, where they sit and await my appearance to replenish our various feeders. Likewise, the Blue Jays are still displaying their beautiful blue suits, as they reach a more mature age and certainly draw attention to themselves with their raucous calls! The small Chickadees stay busy flitting here and there amongst the trees, with quick forays to the fixed and hanging feeders, either for a piece of peanut or a sunflower seed. There are other birds too which equally provide us with sightings of them, for which we are grateful. I hope you are getting to see them and are enjoying them too.

Stay safe and well,

John Baldwin.


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