Baldwin’s Birds


A very quiet time in the garden at present, except for our Blue Jay clan of six birds, who are our regular visitors, and the noisiest ones too! A pair of Cardinals pop in now and again, along with our other regulars the Mourning Doves, who can often be seen feeding on the ground around the feeders, picking up the seeds that the Jays flick out from above them. Some sparrows join them now and again on the floor, and also fly up to join the birds using our hanging feeders, such as the Woodpeckers and our intriguing favorites the Red Breasted and White Breasted Nuthatches, fondly called the “Upside Down” birds. How can you not be enthralled and fascinated by these chirpy little fellows, as they go from tree to tree, up and down them, not in a conventional upright way, but upside down! I took the liberty of writing a small poem about one of them:

The Upside-down Bird
We’ve got a cheeky little bird, who visits us,
And always causes people to puzzle and to frown,
Because he doesn’t know which side is his up-side, or his down!
He comes, head-first, running down a tree, in search of feeding needs,
And always hangs-on, looking down, when eating peanuts, or just seeds!
He’s a perky little fellow, with a stripe across his eye,
As he clasps-on and looks around and we just wonder why!
But, that’s just the way he is, a lovely bird to watch and of him a picture snatch,
For he’s the ever active “Upside Down Bird”, the beautiful Red-Breasted Nuthatch!

Stay safe and well,

John Baldwin



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