Good day Dear Readers,
I hope you are all healthy and well and starting to relax a little, as more of us reach the ultimate goal of full immunization against Covid 19.

There is still a long way to go, but as long as everyone does the right thing, it will be over quicker.

Meanwhile nature proceeds in its own inimitable way and the weeds sprout in abundance and the birds nest and forage for food for their offspring. The birds not sitting on eggs or, seemingly, not having anything to do, regale us with their beautiful singing. Particularly prolific, in that regard, are the Cardinals who sit, hidden, in the tops of the tallest trees.

It is amazing that such a brightly red colored bird can conceal itself so effectively, in the greenery, only giving its whereabouts away when it moves. The ones in our garden had a bit of competition the other day, when an equally raucous and persistent “beep beep” was heard and it wasn’t a bird!

Going to my barbecue, I found, sitting on the soft black cover, the originator of the distinctive sound, – a beautiful little Tree Frog. (Note its lovely unique toes, for climbing.) Being still daylight, and not quite dusk, he wasn’t making too much noise then, but did later. I had to move him to prepare our meal, but he only stayed in his new location for the one night, which was just as well, because he would have given us pretty sleepless nights with his “beep beeps” echoing in the darkness!

Yesterday, when restocking my bird (? squirrel !? ) feeders, I had to rescue from one of them a panicking Tree Sparrow, who had got into it through a hole gnawed by a marauding Red Squirrel in the perspex wall liner. A modification has now put glass panes in the feeder to, hopefully, prevent anything else from getting trapped in it.

No doubt the red, gray, or black squirrels will find another way of getting in, but that remains to be seen!

Until then, enjoy all your garden creatures and plants. Stay safe and well.

John Baldwin


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