Good day dear readers,

Today is sunny, but cool, with not so much wind as the last few days have brought us. Hopefully your spirits are going up as the warm weather returns and, hopefully, you are all staying healthy and well. Our birds all seem to be thriving, although not in their previous numbers, due to their pre-occupation with the raising of new families. We watch daily as territories are vied for and then either won, or just left without anyone taking over. Our nesting boxes have interested a House Wren, Bluebirds and Tree Swallows. The Wren was first to try and stake a claim, by singing his little heart out to attract a mate to join him, so far to no avail; but he’s still out there singing though! He has been displaced by the bigger Bluebirds and Tree Swallows, who sort of muscled him out to inspect them for themselves, but they too haven’t made a firm commitment to any of them. At one stage there was both types of bird, with one on one box and the other on another, although they both seem to prefer the same one! Anyway that’s the one out of four to choose from, that they have both inspected both inside and out and still no firm commitment!

Whilst they have been going through the motions, the other birds are still busy and a pair of beautiful Goldfinches were seen feeding together in our Catalpa tree, and the bean type pods seemed to be interesting them. At one stage the pair were joined by a Bluebird, which enabled me to get a picture of all three together, – quite the treat!

Look after yourselves and your birds. Cheers!

John Baldwin


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