Hello Readers,

I hope this finds you all fit and well and also a little more relaxed with life, especially if you have already received the Anti-Covid Vaccine jab. If you haven’t, just hang on, we are almost there!

Now that the clocks have jumped ahead and the promise of warmer weather and brighter skies are here, things will be a bit brighter for us all.

Already some of our Spring birds have made their appearance and the sounds of honking Canada Geese are already becoming a familiar sound, as they stage through on their long journey North. On this sunny, but still coldish, day around the garden and immediate neighbourhood, we have seen some newly arrived Red Wing Blackbirds, and our first Robin. The latter was in our back garden, on the first patches of grass, where the sun is fairly quickly disposing of the snow. Joining it, back there, was a Cardinal, at first, singing in a Maple tree and then, later, perched in our Globe bush. Grey Juncos flitted about and a Mourning Dove perched in our Catalpa tree, for a short while, before flying off. Our front garden feeders are still being well used by the Redpolls, who are still here, despite some of them having already departed for more northern habitats. There are quite a few of them ground feeding at present, now that the snow is disappearing, and they are joined by the Juncos, who are primarily ground feeders, regardless of the ground coverage. Our resident flock of Rock Pigeons, now in their Spring plumage, still come daily, and the males are colorfully puffing themselves up, as they vie for a female partner! Of course, our feeders are still attracting our four legged friends, the Red, Black and Grey Squirrels, but as long as they don’t gnaw on the feeders we can tolerate them, even though they eat a lot and, at times, put the birds off, from feeding. Live and let live!

Stay safe and well,
Cheers,John Baldwin


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