Horned Lark

by John Baldwin

I hope you are all safe and well and keeping in good spirits. No Owls the other day, but got some more Snow Buntings and a real surprise bird, that I’ve never seen before, a Horned Lark. I was driving along very slowly and spotted a bird on the side of the road, which didn’t quite look like a Snow Bunting, so I stopped and looked at it through my camera lens. Wow! What a surprise to see such a colorful bird, of which I wasn’t sure what it was.

The fellow who had been following me stopped and had his binoculars out and he too couldn’t identify it. There were three of them only, not a flock similar to the Buntings, at this stage, but they quickly flitted from the road-side, landed in the field and then ran, not hopped, away from us. They soon got out of camera range, and, not having spotted anything else and the day drawing to a close, I left for home to delve into my bird books to identify them. It was well worth it and a lovely surprise too.

Stay safe and well,
John Baldwin.


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