I hope all is well with you all and you are staying safe. As mentioned in my last communication, I have been trying to get some pictures of a Snowy Owl. Another trip out did the trick and I was lucky enough to get some. Of course it was a bitterly cold -26 C, with the wind chill provided by a punishing North wind, despite the bright sunny day! Initially, when spotted and alighting from my car, I had to shelter on the leeward side of it and brace myself against it, to get pictures of the owl perching on the top of a hydro pole. After getting a few shots, the bird suddenly disappeared from view and re-appeared on a lower perch on top of another pole. To get more pictures now entailed a walk down the road in the freezing wind! My face, although hooded, soon told me that this wasn’t the ideal spot to be, so after a few, very quick, snaps, it was back to the car and some warmth and then home!! Another trip out failed to capture any owl sightings, but some more pictures of Snow Buntings were taken. Quite exciting times, despite the cold and the pandemic.

All the best of health to you all,
Stay safe and well,
John Baldwin.

[Editor’s note: After John’s photo arrived, it was announced that a snowy owl has been spotted in New York’s Central Park for the first time in 130 years. News of the sighting saw US bird watchers flock to the park hoping to catch a glimpse of the owl. John is ahead of them all!]


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