In the heart of Kemptville, the old triangle, sits a small little diner. It has been there for as long as I have lived here, over 30 years. It has changed names three times since then, but its reputation has always been the same. A small diner, with a heart of gold. It is now called Fast Eddie’s, owned by Eddie Como but run by Lauraine Menier.

Since Covid struck, they have had their share of struggles, like almost every other small business in town. They have always relied on their regulars, who come in for a coffee, breakfast, or lunch, for a chat and a feeling of old fashioned service. That’s all gone now.

They are struggling to keep it going, having had to lay off some of the staff. As it has been take-out, not many tips, something that has always been a supplement to a server’s wages.

Now they are trying to reinvent themselves once again by serving frozen meals for their clients. They are offering shepherd’s pie, mac and cheese, garlic chicken with fried rice, individual meat pies, etc…(I had a sample of their meat pies, delicious.) If not for these frozen meals, they would not survive.

They still have their take-out, but their sales have dropped dramatically. A business that survived on its reputation, and known for its generosity, friendly demeanor, etc.. They also ran seniors menus in the evening. That’s all gone now also.
Lauraine is grateful to the owner, Eddie, who decided not to close it down. He is a great boss, and leaves the daily decisions to her. “I could not ask for a better boss. He keeps the dinner open, in order to keep work for his staff.”

Fast Eddie’s is part of our heritage. It’s part of the old small-town identity that has been lost in so many other communities. Perhaps the end of the worst restrictions this week will help. You can too. Drop in and say hello. And buy something!


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