Arts Guild continuing Co-Operative Canvas Project


As the last six weeks of these ongoing articles show, there is no lack of talent in North Grenville. The North Grenville Arts Guild (NGAG) feels very lucky to have the support of the Times, The North Grenville Public Library and members of the community for their interest in this ongoing initiative to raise funds for community outreach programs.

This current canvas is the result of the co-operative efforts of the following artists: Mary Moore, Rose David, Leahbeth Harding, Lisa Mackinley, Ann Gruchy, Meredith Luce and Tammy Keith.

Mary Moore was the first artist to tackle this canvas. “I simply added some glaze, and background virtual texture, plus a little collage of torn paper pieces. Following artists chose not to further incorporate the collage into the theme, though.”

The canvas was then sent to Rose David, who said she was struck by a feeling of looking down into “a deep, and dark ocean with nebulous forms moving through the impenetrable waters.” I added the swimming whale positioned to look down into the depths.

Leahbeth Harding, as the third artist to receive the canvas with a red and blue mixed media background and hovering orca in one corner, decided to add, “more blue to the background, and gave the whale some water to leap out of. I also added tiny stars to the background to give the next artist some options of sky and water. I’m amazed at the dreamy quality of this canvas now that it’s finished!”

When Lisa Mackinley got the canvas, she says she “added some accents and a portal telescope for the whale’s purpose – a path on the abstract, as one of the previous artists suggested a swimming, breaching whale from water. A theme which the later artists continued.”

As the fifth artist, Ann Gruchy says she, “remembers receiving this abstract, collages background with a whale jumping up at the top beside a brown circle/pipe. I was not sure how to continue on from there, then decided to make the circle into a moon behind him. The ‘whale jumping over the moon’. Also put in the ocean below with some water spray dripping off the whale.”

Meredith Luce brought her usual insights into the natural world to bear on this canvas as well.

Finally, Tammy Keith completed this canvas. “When I received this wonderful piece, I found myself remembering my time sailing across the Atlantic. There were a number of evenings where the ocean would glow and shimmer (much like Northern lights). This is because of the glowing plankton, known as ‘bioluminescence’. With that in mind, I added pearlescent inks over various parts of the ocean.”

In the coming weeks, there will be four more canvases to check out before the final preparations to mount an exhibit of the total collection at the North Grenville Public Library prior to them being auctioned. Please continue to follow the project to the end. Take a look at the NGAG Facebook site, and stay tuned for more details to come.


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