Arts and Culture Advisory Committee looking for input


The members of North Grenville’s Arts and Culture Advisory Committee are looking for community input on what residents would like to see developed in the municipality in terms of arts and culture.

Committee Chair Jayne Couch is excited about the new council’s commitment to arts and culture. “It’s a complete 180 degree turn from the old council,” she says. Back in February, she and a few other artists were working on creating an arts hub for North Grenville, but without council support they were never able to get it off the ground.

Jayne says she sees the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee’s current job as identifying the needs and goals of the community. With representatives on the committee from all the different artist groups in the community, there is a lot of expertise and many different ideas floating around the table. “As chair, I keep the agenda on track in this gathering of representatives in diverse disciplines,” she says.

Jayne adds that one of the goals of the committee is to centralize the arts community in North Grenville. She would like them to work towards making it easier for newcomers to the municipality to get involved in the arts, and for current artists to support themselves with their craft. “I want to provide services to the arts community so they can bring their profession into a more polished business environment,” she says.

For Jayne, the sky is the limit when it comes to what the committee can facilitate. She would love to see the creation of arts competitions, more festivals that make use of the municipality’s outdoor spaces, arts scholarships, and even an art gallery. She also says she would like to see the committee partner with other groups, like the Chamber of Commerce, to promote both the arts and business community in North Grenville. “We want to get together and work together… develop the arts economy so arts businesses and opportunities can thrive and grow.”

Over the next few months, the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee will be reaching out to different community groups in order to take the pulse of the community about what they would like to see offered in terms of arts and culture in the municipality. Jayne says they are looking at getting input from as many residents as possible and would welcome invitations to come speak to any community group that might be interested. To get in contact with Jayne, sooner rather than later, you are welcome to temporarily email [email protected] or find her on Facebook under Arts Hub North Grenville until the committee can establish an official online presence.


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