As soon as I met Jane Rutter, I was immediately impressed both by Jane the person, and Jane the creative and artistic photographer.

I met with Jane last week when we sat down and had a wonderful conversation about her photography. Jane managed to pull me into her world of colour, imagination, and movement. As she says herself, she was raised by and around artists. Both her father and sister were artists, and from an early age she was exposed to art through visiting galleries, drawing exercises, and nature.

Jane, who grew up in Toronto and attended the North Toronto Collegiate Institute, moved here three years ago, and embraced her new home and its surroundings. You can see her passion in her photography and video work. It is centred and inspired by the everyday beauty of nature, day and night, fire, water, sky and earth, as she puts it. Her photography is quite varied, using many different effects to achieve the goal she desires. Sometimes purely by accident, as she uses an app on her phone to do all the creative enhancements in her pictures.

Her videos are quick glimpses of nature in action, water swirling in the South Branch, flames dancing in a campfire, wind blowing through a corn field under a bright blue sky. Her photographs are exercises in abstract images of real life, a different way of seeing pattern and design in everyday objects, taken from a different point of view.

Jane believes in complexity and in simplicity. The complexity that she sees, is the kind of complexity that comes from looking into the design, the detail, and the magic of the natural world. Most of her works are views of North Grenville’s great outdoors and, right now, her work is on display at Bubba’s & Bugs, downtown Kemptville.

You can also view her facebook page to see even more works – @janerutterfineartphotography 


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