Despite recent rain, minor low water conditions continue

A very dry Barnes Creek, North Grenville, June 2021

The Rideau Valley Low Water Response Team maintained a Level 1 low water advisory for the watershed when it met for the third time on August 10. Although increased rainfall has brought some local areas back to normal levels, rainfall has varied across the watershed, leaving other areas still quite low. The low water response team is led by the RVCA and includes member municipalities and government agencies. The team is asking residents and businesses to reduce non-essential water use as much as possible during the dry period.

Nature for All planking on $25,000 for Baxter bridge project

Baxter bridge and boardwalk is in need of TLC

Plank by plank, together we can bridge the gap in accessibility at Baxter Conservation Area. Around the  for the 1,000 wooden planks required to build a new boardwalk and bridge at Baxter.

Donate one plank for $25 or adopt a metre for $100. You can also donate a metre of accessible railings for $50 or buy a bag of hardware for only $10. Of course, all donation amounts are welcome to reach the campaign goal. The Nature For All project has a total cost of about $1 million. For more information contact DIANE at [email protected].


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