Archaeology: Protecting our Heritage


Planning continues to form a local archaeological association with interested parties invited to meet at 12:30 pm, Sunday, January 21 at the Goose and Gridiron in Merrickville.

There is a need to identify, catalogue, and report potential and actual prehistoric and historic sites to our municipalities and to the province. This will help protect our heritage.

“This will be a learning experience for many of us,” said Michael Whittaker, who proposed the idea late last year. “We won’t just be sticking shovels and trowels in the ground to root around for discoveries,” he said. “There are legal and regulatory requirements, which must be followed.”

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport has specific guidelines. Before approving a land development project, a municipality must require an archaeological assessment of all the lands, which are part of the project. When the land is known to have an archaeological site, or the potential of an archaeological site, assessments are required.

Housing subdivisions, quarries, forestry, pipelines, and other land use activities require archaeological assessment.

A local archaeological association will develop the skills to identify actual and potential sites, and report them. This should trigger proper assessments in advance of land development projects. Under the guidance of a licensed archaeologist, members will have the opportunity to help investigate some sites.

Information about archaeology in the Province of Ontario is at

If you plan to attend the lunchtime meeting, contact Michael Whittaker


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