Antiques Roadshow raises over $2100


Submitted by Polly Beach for RING

The Antiques Roadshow fundraiser for RING (Refugees in North Grenville) held on Sunday April 24, in the historic Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall, was a resounding success, raising over $2,100!

A big round of applause and thanks to the experts who appraised the antiques! Joe Gallaro, Roger Hart, Nick Healey, Ken Mews and Tanya Ursual gave generously of their time and expertise.

Kemptville’s treasures were certainly discovered! For example, Roger Hart appraised a book that had originally been purchased for $0.25, to be circa 1700s and now worth hundreds of dollars. Joe Gallaro was really impressed by the immaculate condition of two vintage toy trucks. Nick Healey spent time discussing the history of the 1812 rifle brought for appraisal by Rick Duguay. Tanya Ursual gave Sue Cotter the fascinating background behind the First World War compass she brought in, along with a number of military badges. Ken Mews appraised a wide range of items such as fine china, silverware and jewelry!

Flora Grant Dumouchel, Auctioneer, from Ingleside Ontario, regaled the crowd with jokes and banter all the while driving up the bids on the items so generously donated for the auction. Many thanks to Sylvie Morel, Jean Hargess, Becky Rea, Michael Whittaker, Deborah Symonds, Alec and Jocelyn Rait, Lisa Poushinsky, Sally Jorgenson, Ellen Miller, Tom and Polly Beach, Brian Fitzpatrick, Carol Cote, Margaret Hodge and Nick Healey for all the wonderful donations.

The event couldn’t have been possible without a fantastic volunteer team. Kudos to Chris and Bernie Boesveld, Sheila Cook, Audrey and Colin Moden, Mary Chapman, Alec and Jocelyn Rait, Carol Cote, Tom and Polly Beach and Robert Sentner! A special note of thanks to Chris and Nancy Morgan for their help in promoting the Antiques Roadshow on Facebook.

Thanks to all who attended and donated so generously, RING is now almost three quarters of the way to reaching the fundraising goal. Stay tuned for information about when we can expect to welcome our first Syrian refugee family to North Grenville.


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