An unexpected correspondence


The Editor of a newspaper can expect to receive letters from a wide variety of sources: individuals, organisations, governments, etc. But correspondence usually comes from within the local community, or perhaps the Province. So, imagine the surprise in the Times office when literally dozens of letters started to arrive in our email from, would you believe, Donald J. Trump?

Apparently, Trump’s Save America gang – the organisation that is being investigated by the January 6 Committee in Congress, is eager to contact any and all newspapers, periodicals, and anyone else who might have a couple of dollars to spare, asking for money and support in other ways.

For example, one recent email declared: “President Trump has requested your input on some key issues. Please take our Official 2022 Trump Issues Survey immediately. All responses in the NEXT HOUR will be sent directly to President Trump’s desk for review.” How could you refuse?

Even more urgent was this one: “Friend, This email is only 45 words long: This is President Trump and I URGENTLY need your help. Joe Biden and the radical Left are working OVERTIME this month. I’m humbly asking for your support and contribution of just $5. We’ll SAVE AMERICA together, Friend.” That’s a great deal for only $5!

My favourite one, so far, was the exclusive offer to enter a draw to win a golf flag signed by Trump himself. What a prize! “The 45th President SIGNED a ONE‑OF‑A‑KIND TRUMP GOLF FLAG, AND HE WANTS YOU TO HAVE IT. President Trump signed this golf flag for you! You will never find another original Trump Golf Flag hand signed by the MAN HIMSELF, so this offer is ONLY available for his most ELITE supporters. That’s YOU, Friend.” Just contribute any amount for your chance to win. Of course, by entering, according to the small print, “By sending a text message from your mobile phone, you are providing your written consent to receive calls and SMS/MMS messages, including autodialed and automated calls and texts, to that number from the Save America JFC. Text message and data rates may apply.”

Imagine the volume of calls you can expect to receive after that! But calls are not the only thing you can hope for. Here’s the big one (or should that be the BIG one?). “Friend, I want to meet you. We’ll have a great time and take a photo together. Flight and hotel covered. Please contribute $45 by 11:59 PM TONIGHT to enter to win a trip to meet me at my VIP event in MIAMI.” Signed by Trump himself, of course.

This seems far more like a scam than a political fundraising operation, and indeed, officials from the Save America organisation are being subpoenaed by the January 6 Committee. By last July, Save America had raised more than $150 million. Yes, the money-making continues, though why Canadian newspapers should be the victims of this kind of spamming is hard to understand. Unless you begin to wonder: how many of those $150 million came from this side of the border?


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