An Open Letter to the Premier of Ontario


Dear Editor

An Open Letter to the Premier of Ontario:

Mr. Ford, you have been a busy boy. This is by no means a complete list, but it’s a start:

a) Making a grandstand move and firing all the board members of Ontario Hydro…how much did that cost tax payers in severance packages? Pretty cost effective was it?
b) Cancelling the contracts for renewable energy projects…again…a wonderful grandstand project, but once the narrow-minded, uninformed are removed from office, these programs will continue—they must, there is no viable alternative.
c) Increasing spending and the provincial debt while telling the electorate that you are doing just the opposite…how gullible we must be.
d) Taking a page from the Mike Harris Guidebook on how to treat teachers and health care staff…try to convince the membership that their leadership is ineffective and corrupt …corrupt? You do understand the concept of irony, don’t you? If not, a teacher will be happy to explain it for you. Of course every day that the teachers go out, you have more money in the provincial coffers that you can waste on more of your brilliantly thought-out ideas.
e) Going off to Washington and endorsing the right wing politics of the Republicans….you are supposed to be representing Ontario, not your personal philosophies—remember? But two things you and #45 have in common…you are both an embarrassment to your Office and you both demonstrate the results of underfunded education systems that had to cut programs for special needs students.
e) And of course, lest we forget: cancelling universal basic income, slashing funding for Autism Support, cancelling electric vehicle rebates, rumors of partial health care privatization, reduced OSAP funding, and reduced post secondary support.

But your actions have been predictable. You showed yourself (along with your brother) as being unable to grasp the limitations and rules of your position when in municipal politics in Toronto. It is little wonder that your polling numbers are so low. The electorate is smarter than you think…although electing you Premier would seem to contradict that point.

I was hoping for a strong leader to come out of the Conservative Convention, but instead of selecting any of the three women who were in the running, the Party, in its very questionable wisdom, chose you. Does your Party truly believe that a male of demonstrated limited intellect and/or abilities is preferable to any and all women? Surely either of Christine Elliot, Caroline Mulroney or Tanya Granic Allen would not have made many, or any, of the decisions that you have come up with. They surely had more common sense than that before they were into their teenage years.

I am no fan of Kathleen Wynne and what she did to this province. Yet, in a very short time, you have proven yourself to be an embarrassment to the people of Ontario, the Provincial Conservative Party, and the country as a whole. Since you always do the opposite of what you promise, please promise to stay on for as long as possible. And meanwhile, I hope that the three aforementioned women have the patience to await your departure so the Ontario Conservative Party can have a strong, intelligent leader. In the meantime, please heed the advice of the Canadian Conservative Party during the last Federal Election….Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Peter Johnson, ( Upper) Oxford Mills, ON



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