An open letter to recreational shooters


As a resident of this area, (the area being Highway 43, Craig Road, Donahue, Scots Line), I get hunting. I don’t hunt myself, but that’s a personal choice. So, in the season, when Elmer Fudd gets after the Wascally Wabbit in November, my family and I put up with the noise, and hope like hell a wounded deer or goose with missing feathers does not seek refuge on my property.

What I don’t get is “recreational shooting”. What I get even less, is that it takes place at weekends. I’ve always believed that peaceful enjoyment of my garden was a right; but around here, for years apparently, different rules seem to apply.

Many Saturdays or Sundays, I may be working peacefully in my garden, lost in my own thoughts – or playing with my grandson, or dozing on the back deck etc.: BANG!!, BANG!!! and again, and again, etc. Heaven only knows what kind of weaponry is being fired; but, judging by the noise they make, they must be big. On one occasion, I identified the shooting as coming from the old pit on the closed section of Scots Line. I walked in, and evidence of shooting was everywhere – the section where Leeds and Grenville put up a pretty robust gate a while back to keep out people who had no business there. Don’t think the gate lasted a week before some jerk decided it was an inconvenience and ripped it out. Of late, the shooting has intensified, some still coming from that area, but likely somebody else has decided it’s a fun activity and started banging away.

It may be “fun” for the shooters, but it is pure “hell” for those living in the area who must put up with it.

Could I, perhaps, suggest the shooters join an authorized club and go and do their thing away from a rural area which actually has a fair number of homes encompassed by it?

Name withheld by request


  1. 10 October 2018 – Canada: Ontario: Grenville County: E edge Deeks Quarry, 3.29 km NNE Newmanville. (25m waypoint), 44.95795° N 75.74364° W TIME: 17h08. AIR TEMP: 24°C, sunny, Beaufort gentle breeze. HABITAT: scattered-Thuja rock-slab edge of abandoned limestone quarry. OBSERVER: Frederick W. Schueler, Kenny Ruelland. 2018/285/g, visit (event). natural history, walk. a 4 x 5 m area still with >100 shotgun shells/square metre. We’re working along the cliff on the E side of the quarry, Kenny at the bottom and FWS at the top, hoping to see active Snakes around a hibernculum, but not having any luck.

  2. Welcome to the country! I don’t hunt either but I knew moving out to the country that hunting, dogs barking, tractors on the roads, manure and much much more was all part and parcel of being away from the city. It was an informed decision on our part…..somehow I am getting the feeling that so many people moving out here have not done their due diligence and are moving to the country with their city mentality. We are live and let live, if you don’t like the country life it might be time to rethink where you are living.


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