Eliza Batchelor - Andrea Geleynse - John & Cora Beking of Egg Farmers - Ocean Joanette - Elizabeth Newman - Nadia Diakun-Thibault of Rotary - Ethan Geurts. Unable to attend: Ayo Ritchie

The winners of the Rotary Writing Challenge were announced Tuesday evening at the Kemptville Youth Center. President of the Rotary Club Nadia Diakun Thibault was thrilled that so many entries were submitted. She said: ” As one of the judges, it was a pleasure to read these entries as you all have very creative minds. I would like to encourage you to keep writing no matter how small of an idea, it is great practice that could lead to published books, or even a Nobel prize.” 

This contest was sponsored by the Egg Farmers Association and was open to all youth from North Grenville and Merrickville Wolford areas. The authors were to write an essay or a fable format on the topic “Imagine a small act in your community that would have a lasting impact”. The entries,  based on age group, were to be 500 to 2000 words and submitted by the end of August. 

Cora and John Beking from the Egg Farmers Association of Ontario said they are always looking for ways to engage youth, this was an egg-cellent way to challenge them. “We felt that writing is a very important skill, and this is the second year that we have been able to sponsor this challenge.” 

The Egg Farmers Association is a huge established organization that supports businesses in our communities. Money is set aside each year they can sponsor golf tournaments, walk-a-thons and other community events. Last year, Cora and John approached the other egg farmers about getting  sponsorship for this writing challenge. 

Congratulations go to the following winners, who received a monetary reward:  

Ages 10 – 13  Category : Elizbeth Newman , Ethen Geurts, Ayoa Ritchie 

Ages 14 – 18 Category: Andre Geleynse, Eliza Batchelor, Oceanne Joanette

A huge thank you to all the young authors who submitted their stories, The Egg Farmers Association, The Rotary Club and The Kemptville Youth Center, as well as to the Judges for their time and support. If you are interested in volunteering, the Rotary Club and the Kemptville Youth Centre are always looking for new members. 



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